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Chinese Wellbeing Week

The Chinese Wellbeing Week is held every year in October.

We would like to invite all of you to join in the Chinese Wellbeing Week by making use of the resources available on-line. Chinese Wellbeing is for all ages and we have developed our resources to include something for everyone.

Our on-line resources are a useful tool for Confucius Institutes, school teachers as well as parents who wish their children to learn more about how to conduct a healthy life according to Chinese traditions.


The Chinese way of life is influenced by Chinese philosophies of health and wellbeing. Everything from treatments, exercise, diet, the way you live your life in different seasons to your attitude to life are all part and parcel of Chinese Wellbeing experience.

Here at the Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine we are extremely fortunate to have as one of our partners Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine, a leading international authority on Chinese Medicine. With a wealth of teaching resources and materials available we want to share these with you and take full advantage of
the digital age to share with you the ancient art of Chinese Wellbeing.


Online Resources

We want to encourage parents and children to eat better and move more. We have devised a series of tools, which are fun and easy to use to present movement in a fun way and introduce Chinese people’s approach to wellbeing. Encourage your children to watch the videos on Kong Fu by Shifu Paul Hawkes, from the Kung Fu Schools Confucius
Classrooms. Shifu Paul teaches children to learn Kong Fu with a focus on self-respect, respect for other people, self-improvement and discipline. Kong Fu improves the concentration and focus of children. Or get inspired by our film on Chinese children playground games!

The on-line material is also meant to be used by schools. It can be used for the teachers’ own training and teachers can use the resources to arrange a day at their school to include video screenings, simple massage demonstrations and exercise with the children.

Resources for Adult LearnersChildren’s Corner

Resources for Adult Learners

Chinese Wellbeing Daily Tips

“Every journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”

Even minor changes in diet, exercise and the way in which you look
after yourself can make a difference if you can keep them up. With a
Chinese Wellbeing tip each day of the week you can build in small
changes into your life, which can be beneficial to your health.

Download our PDF “Chinese Wellbeing Tips for the day”.



We have a range of podcasts for you to download and listen at your
leisure. Podcasts range from a discussions on the study of acupuncture
and what is like to have acupuncture to Tuina (Chinese massage), from
modern day China and Chinese Wellbeing to interviews with the elderly
in China on why they still practise tai chi and what they think the
benefits are.



Music for relaxation

Relaxation Music (MP3 Format)


On-line lectures

One of our most popular lectures is the diet and nutrition lecture by
Professor Liu, the format is a PowerPoint with voice over from
Professor Liu, from Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine.

We also have you some of basic level lectures ranging from Chi to
Acupressure points.

Qi Slide Show
View Online | Download Mac (7MB)

What is acupuncture?

Download (Video) (100MB)

Acupressure for Relaxation
View Online | Download (20MB)

Life Nurturing
View Online | Download (265MB)

The Treatment of Vertigo (Sui)
View Online | Download (Video) (100MB)

Healthy Chinese Diet
View Online | Download (Video) (8MB) | Download (PowerPoint) (11MB)

Self Massage for Stomach Pain
View Online | Download (Video) (18MB)

Health Preservation
Download (PowerPoint) (50MB)

Eye Massage
Download (PowerPoint) (12MB)

Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture
Download (PowerPoint) (12MB)

Downloadable films

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Children’s Corner

Resources for Parents/Teachers and Children

Chinese Activity Cards

Chinese Dumplings Recipes (1MB PDF)

Moon Festival Story (1MB PDF)

Shuttlecock Game (0.8MB PDF)

Kung Fu For All (0.9MB PDF)

Daniel’s Journey

A great set of short cartoons to watch
on-line about Daniel’s journey to China and his discovery
of Gong Fu, Dance, Calligraphy, Chinese Food, Tai chi.

  1. Introduction to China
  2. Calligraphy
  3. Tai Chi
  4. Dance
  5. Gong Fu
  6. Eye Massage
  7. Delicacies
  8. Fruit and Vegetables
  9. Tea Ceremony

On-line Kung Fu school – come and learn Kung Fu (Gong Fu) with us!

An Introduction to Kung Fu (Gong Fu) from Sifu Paul
Hawkes, from the Kung Fu Schools Confucius Classrooms. Sifu Paul
teaches children to learn Gong Fu with a focus on self-respect,
respect for other people, self-improvement and discipline. Gong Fu
improves the concentration and focus of children.

View Online

Downloadable PDF posters for the classroom/home

Based on a
little boy in China called Chen and his daily life in China.

  1. Chen’s Table
  2. Chinese New Year
  3. Dance
  4. Dragon Boats
  5. Fruit and Vegetables
  6. Games
  7. Life of Chen
  8. Moon Festival
  9. Yin Yang
  10. Chinese Calendar
  11. Chinese Herbs
  12. How We Eat
  13. Martial Arts

Summer in China

Boys from the Confucius Classroom at St
Josephs College, Croydon visit China and get to train with the Shaolin
Monks at the Shaolin Temple.

The Documentary

Download (PC) (443MB) | View Online

The News Reports

CETV Report | China View | China View (Short)

Chinese Playground Games

Download (122MB) | View Online

A wonderful film to watch on-line
or download about the games Chinese children play in the school
playground. This is a film for children of all nationalities to watch
and get inspiration from.

Lion Dance

Download (19MB) | View Online

Ribbon Dance

Download (26MB) | View Online

Tai Chi

Download (6MB) | View Online

Story Corner

These stories are all in exe (Windows Executable/Program) format. They work independantly and do not need to be installed.
They only work on Windows Systems (XP/2000/Vista/7).

Gong Fu (7MB)

Lion Dance (7MB)

Pan Gu (5MB)

The Story of the Dragon Boat Festival

The following story is a video – The Story of the Dragon Boat Festival – a heart warming story developed by the CI4TCM about the Dragon Boat Festival day and about the many traditions still followed by families on this special day to maintain health.

Download (PC) (54MB) | Download (Mac) (114MB) | View Online

Find out more about the Dragon Boat Festival

Change for Life
Change for LifeThe Confucius Institute for TCM is in support of Change4Life. In
order to maintain a healthy weight we need to both eat better and move
more. Many families are making changes that will help them live
healthier and longer lives. Visit www.nhs.uk/changelife or call 0300
123 4567 for more information.Change4Life knows it can be hard for people to reach their 150 active minutes a week so has launched a
campaign for adults called ‘Get Going Every Day’ which includes a new TV ad and a CRM programme generating
tips each week to help inspire adults to get active.In addition they’ve created a fun online application below which will assess a person’s lifestyle and habits to
create a personality type that generates tailored advice and tips that might be more motivating to help
them reach the guidelines.

Change for life app Facebook page